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We are pleased to inform you that your manuscript as follow has been accepted by International Conference of Social Science and Education (ICSSED) 2020 has been published in EAI (https://eudl.eu/proceedings/ICSSED/2020) and Sciendo (https://sciendo.com/book/9788366675186).



Since human beings entering the modern era, risks have become parts of the very fabric of the society, either social, cultural, economy or political; they hit them entirely and continuously. The risks of the pandemic Covid-19 – hit the world in 2020 – have brought in a real jeopardy; new crises, new problems, new challenges that have radically changed ways of living of human beings in all continents and in all aspects of their daily activities. The issue of sustainability as the core principle to govern the today society – social, cultural, political and education – has been more prominent yet faced more difficult and unprecedented challenges. The academic conference addresses the issue of sustainability of social, education and political values, traditions and activities pursued by human beings in their daily life as now have been entirely affected by the pandemic. On the one hand, there is an inherent risk of the modern living, the vulnerability of human being and the power of nature that must be not only understood and learnt but also institutionalized and structured in various arena of social life of the people. On the other hand, there has been a tremendous change on the ways the social features of human living – from simple informal meeting/gathering of neighborhoods to daily shopping, formal working at the office/home, school teachings, professional football matches, elections and government/state ceremonies – being re-defined, reconstructed and carried out with online/virtual media. This new social fabric – thank to the Internet! – will eventually re-shape all established social institutions – states/government bodies, private companies, churches/religious organizations, schools/universities and so forth – on their approaches and serve the populace as well as their adaptation and change to survive and sustain.





  • Social Sciences 
  • Education
  • Social Studies


Emma Sabzalieva, Ph.D
University of Toronto, Canada
UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and The Caribbean

Sulfikar Amir, Ph.D
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Muhammad Yuanda Zara, Ph.D
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta



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